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Summer 2013 – Beginnings

Chalermsak ChunrinThe Baan Tawai project began in the summer of 2013 when Dr. Chad Allred and his family went on a ten week adventure through seven Southeast Asian countries (read more in Poets & Quants July 2015; Purdue Exponent October 2014;  International Educator March 2015).

During the last month of the adventure, Dr. Allred rented a home in Chiang Mai, Thailand with the objective of immersing his family in cultural exploration and meaningful community service. While working with local students to improve their conversational English, Dr. Allred and his family became acquainted with Dr. Vivat Sethachuay, special advisor to the president of North-Chiang Mai University. Dr. Vivat is also a regular columnist in Siam Rath, one of Thailand’s most prestigious weekly publications (see Siam Rath Weekly July 11, 2013;  June 4, 2014; June 19, 2014; June 19, 2015)

Dr. Vivat introduced Dr. Allred to Pres. Narong Chavasint and members of the North-Chiang Mai University Executive Board – who were also engaged in meaningful community service. Through subsequent conversations, these individuals developed a collaborative strategy to preserve the cultural heritage of Baan Tawai through economic rejuvenation and brand revitalization.

Fall 2013 / Spring 2014 Projects – Market Research

2013-2014 academic year projects focused on understanding the economic downturn in Baan Tawai village. Students conducted preliminary research and developed plans for the initial 2013 Study Abroad program.

Research 1

Research 2

Research 3

Gupta, Nikunj
Head, Douglas
Spartz, Victoria
Feick, Abigail
Bhatia, Ankur
Ward, Daniel
Eberle, Allison
Neary, Coleen
Venkat, Raj
Zhang, Xinyi
Coffer, Jessica
Thieme, David
Wilson, Annie
Wagh, Yash
Henry, Hillary
Young, Jimmy
Parks, Alex
Marpe, Kyle
Gong, Yuxin

Summer 2014 Field Work – Market Research

PQImage03Throughout a six week period in the summer of 2014, Dr. Allred and sixteen Purdue University students worked on-site with Dr. Vivat and the students/faculty of North-Chiang Mai University to conduct an exploratory 5C analysis of the Baan Tawai Village, which examines Company, Customers, Competition, Collaborators, and Context.

Company in this context is the collective Baan Tawai Village, which includes over 600 small businesses.  Competition includes both product substitutes and alternative forms of tourism.  Collaborators include channel partners, such as shipping and export firms.  Context describes the cultural, legal, social, and business environment. Three teams conduct field research throughout the month of June 2014.

Each team was led by a graduate project manager and staffed by a team of undergraduate project specialists. Teams established their own goals and timelines under the direction of Dr. Allred.  Each team as assigned a translator and had access to private transportation. Field work generally occurred Monday-Thursday.  However, the teams often chose to continue their work evenings and weekends.

Team #1 gathered customer and competitor information, conducting over 100 interviews with tourists and shoppers throughout the greater Chiang Mai area. The team also interviewed the managers of tourist agencies and local tourist attractions. Team #2 interviewed village leaders and artisans, documenting community histories and personal biographies. Team #3 interviewed merchants and art gallery owners.

Allred, Alyse
Andrzejewski, Matthew
Chen, Hanzhang
Du, Chenjie
Li, Shiyu
Liu, Yexing
Liu, Zhaozhe
Rotua, Ronaldo
Sofiaji, Hery
Thieme, David
Wang, Zifeng
Zhang, BixiaoZhong, Tingjie

Fall 2014 / Spring 2015 Projects – Distribution and Promotions

2014-2015 academic year projects were heavily influenced by the 5C research conducted during the 2014 Summer Study Abroad. Research findings showed that the ‘heart’ of the village was its artistic culture and style, and that the trustees of this artistic heritage were the master artisans, whose number has been in steady decline. Student projects focused on understanding, documenting and promoting a global brand representing the village heritage and the lives of the master artisans.

Art Competitions

Master Artisan Profiles

Supply Chain

Fair Trade

Social Media

Media Relations

Web Magazine

Study Abroad

Fund Raising

Adiguzel, Yigit
Allen, Olivia
Allred, Alyse
An, Ji
Andrzejewski, Matthew
Barber, Carly
Baugh, Travis
Beardsley, Kaitlyn
Berg, Brice
Bigler, Julie
BinSuwailem, Meshal
Bond, Tyler
Bousman, Holly
Brauer, Allison
Brown, Shavon
Buechler, Clint
Butler, Ryan
Calamusa, Joseph
Callahan, Ariel
Campbell, Graham
Cao, Wenyun
Caracciolo, Kendell
Chapman, Max
Chen, Brenda
Choi, Daewoo
Choi, Eddy
Claypoole, Zachary
Collins, Eric
Crane, Austin
Crowson, Sarah
Dai, Yijia
Daily, Mollie
Davidson, Loretta
DeCastro, Wagner
Dennis, Cameryn
Dodson, Maggie
Enokido, Sho
Epifano, Evie
Fan, Xingdi
Fleming, Lillian
Fusak, Steven
Gagyi, Chris
Gaosi, Ruoyu
Ge, Qiuting
Geisen, Alexandria
Ghicu, Petra
Gloff, Rebecca
Gong, Yuxin
Gunter, Chelsea
Hanson, Steven
Hardenbrook, Alex
Harman, Audra
Hawkins, Evan
He, Yujie
Hirschman, Michael
Hoffman, Sam
Hollinger, Jessica
Holmes, Ty
Intelegator, Victoria
Johnson, Jake
Jones, Herana-Daze
Jones, Leonard
Kapitany, Krisztina
Keough, Blaney
Keum, Yaeji
Kim, Ryan
Kim, Stephanie
Kisfalusi, Joshua
Krieg, Zachary
Laker, Jordan
Lang, Landau
Lantz, Jared
Latinovich, Karleigh
Leamon, Kari
Leavitt, Preston
Lee, James
Lee, Saya
Lemert, Dalton
Leslie, John
Letherman, David
Liu, Shiqi
Liu, Yexing
Lively, Mitchell
Love, Chris
Malone, Brooke
Mandiwa, Upile
March, Constanza
McCarragher, Cera
McIlhattan, Daniel
Miao, Jiayi
Miao, Ruonan
Miller, Lindsey
Monteiro, Madison
Moody, James
Mu, Yan
Nayyar, Naman
Noshin, Saika
Oladapo, Ayisha
Parks, Alex
Patel, Goral
Peo, Andy
Perez, Enzo
Piao, Xueni
Renick, Branon
Rigual, Michael
Robinson, Jacob
Ruschhaupt, Kyle
Sanders, Cameron
Scripp, Taylor
Searle, Peter
Sell, Jacob
Serena, Alex
Shao, WenZhi
Siderys, Molly
Sofiaji, Hery
Sommer, Benjamin
Song, Jianping
Song, Kihyun
Staley, Andrew
Staley, John
Streitwieser, Sarah
Styx, Kyler
Suazo, Lucia
Sullivan, Chelsea
Sun, Yuyan
Taylor, Susanna
Terry, Jill
Thieme, David
Thompson, Amanda
Thompson, Xavier
Toney, Joseph
Triscari, Anna
Tuhan, Joy
Uhrich, Elizabeth
Vasili, Krisli
Viater, Joe
Wadlow, Chris
Waldon, Court
Wang, Xidong
Wang, Yefei
Wang, Zifeng
Webb, Evan
Wendler, Tiffany
White, Brady
Wielocha, Jessica
Winsland, Rebecca
Wu, Xiaotong
Xi, Yueshen
Xu, Jiayi
Xu, Di
Yang, Biqiang
Zhang, Bill
Zhang, Xinyu
Zhao, Fan
Zhao, Jiajing
Zheng, Yiyi
Zook, Tyler

Summer 2015 Field Work – Distribution and Promotions

Allred, Alyse
Bhagavatula, Prashant
Bhandari, Keshav
Du, Chenjie
Hardenbrook, Alexander
Mu, Yan
Rewers, Patrick
Xu, Xiaolan
Wang, Xiayan
Zhang, Jinghan

Fall 2015 / Spring 2016 Projects – Distribution and Promotions

Allaoui, Imad
AhnKang, Kenny
An, Cathy
Armstrong, John
Bhandari, Keshav
Bidstrup, Jon
Buechler, Devon
Catron, Acaimie
Cline, Michaela
Copple, Matt
Davidson, Hannah
Deng, Zhaojun
Dong, Qianqian
Dora, Caitlin
Downey, Micayla
Fleagle, Joe
Fouts, Craig
Heck, Sara
Hoffman, Sam
Hopkins, Nathan
Hu, Yikuan
Huang, Lisha
Juillerat, Morgan
Kibiloski, Matthew
Kirby, Kristina
Koh, Liang_Woo
Lau, Kenneth
Lau, Shui_Ting
Leamon, Kari
Lewis, Sabrina
Liu, Zhenkang
Malik, Amani
Malone, Brooke
McHale, Erin
Mckean, Corby
Monteiro, Madison
Moore, Alex
Mu, Yan
Mu, Yan
Mu, Yingjun
Nehrt, Chandler
Pierson, Simone
Ramirez, Cesar
Rasquinha, Christine
Reidenbach, Lorin
Schienbein, Tate
Schmid, Madison
Schramm, Jessica
Seaver, Emily
Song, Michelle
Stephani, Macy
Sun, Xikun
Tang, Yifan
Templin, Treyton
Tetrault, Zack
Tian, Junchen
Wirtz, Dan
Wurl, Ellen
Xie, Yu
Xu, Jinghong
Xu, Ningyu
Yuen, Kevin
Zhang, Wuyangzi
Zhao, Chen
Zhao, Falaer
Zhu, Tiezheng